• ​​Webinar slot is organized on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot always be guaranteed for late-registrants.

  • Registration prior to the date of the e-Learning Event / Live Webinar is required.

  • Pre-registered delegates will be prioritized to join the e-Learning Event / Live Webinar. Late registrants shall be on the waitlist.

  • Upon completion of electronic registration form you will receive an e-Learning Event Registration Acknowledgement via email with the Registration Reference Number.

  • Registration is not confirmed until payment is received in full and may be subject to registration cancellation.

  • Paid participants will receive an email of FINAL CONFIRMATION as an Official Participant with the link to the e-Learning Event / Live Webinar and a Password to gain access to the e-Learning Event / Live Webinar.

  • Official Participants are ensured of guaranteed webinar slot and session materials.

  • An Official Participants may request for the copy of the Speaker's presentation or slides, however the request is always subject for approval by the speakers.

  • Official Participants are encouraged to sign in 15 minutes prior the time of the e-Learning Event / Live Webinar.

  • ARIVA Philippines, Inc. / ARIVA Events Management, Inc. assumes no liability for any costs including airfare, hotel reservations or any other travel costs incurred by delegates, speakers and sponsors.

  • ARIVA reserves the right to exercise its options, if and when circumstances arise beyond its control, necessitating postponement, rescheduling, change of date, and/or substitution of assigned speaker or facilitator.

  • ARIVA reserves the right to decline delegates who may be unfavorable to its organization.

  • ARIVA endeavors its e-learning events to provide the delegates the best opportunity to improve competence, knowledge, skills and expertise. ARIVA does not guarantee employment and licensure credit requirements.

  • By submitting this Electronic Registration Form, you declare to have read, understood and accepted the Data Privacy Notice and Policy of ARIVA; and hereby expressly consent and agree to the collection, processing and purpose as to the intended use of your personal information by ARIVA Academy Philippines Inc. and its subsidiaries (the ARIVA Group).

  • The information provided shall be maintained confidential to be used privately for statistical, reference, marketing and promotional purposes. To learn more about ARIVA’s Data Privacy Notice and Policy, please visit our website at Ariva.com.ph/privacy-policy/.


Registration Fees & Payment

  • Registration fees for all e-Learning Event / Webinars are listed with each program description.

  • The registration fee / learning investment is due immediately upon registration.

  • If payment is not issued at that time, you will be sent a notification of deadline payment that is immediately payable upon receipt, unless other arrangements are made with ARIVA.

  • Registration fees / learning investment and e-Learning Event / Webinar schedules are subject to change without notice.

  • Prior registration is strongly required before settling any payment for the e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Discounted Rates, Promotional Rates, Group Rates, Great Deals Rate, BFF Rate, Super Saver Rate and Early Bird Rate are non-refundable, but may be credited as “Training Fund” to a future learning event over the next six (6) months from the date of the e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Payments made before registration shall be automatically for offsetting to other upcoming e-Learning Events.

  • Currency conversion charges from other currency to Philippine peso (Php) shall be shouldered by the client / delegate.

  • Registered delegates are encouraged to remit payments prior to the e-Learning Event / Webinar to ensure a hassle-free experience on the day of the e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Registered delegates must secure payment three (3) days before the date of e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Registered delegates who fail to settle the registration fee / learning investment prior the e-Learning Event / Webinar will not receive a link and password used to join the e-Learning Event / Webinar.


Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • ​​Substitution of participants, within a company, is allowed. Requests must be made in writing and send to arivaacademy@ariva.com.ph and arivaacademy@gmail.com ten (10) days prior to e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Cancellation of Participant's registration can only be accepted in written form. All cancellation requests must be submitted by email to arivaacademy@ariva.com.ph / arivaacademy@gmail.com ten (10) days prior to the e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Payments received WILL NOT BE REFUNDED under any circumstances; but may be credited to a future e-Learning Event over the next six (6) months from the date of the e-Learning Event / Webinar.

  • Cancellations made seven (7) days before the e-Learning Event / Webinar will be charged 50% of the total registration fee as administrative charge and processing fee.

  • Cancellations made a day before or no-show in Zoom Webinar during the e-Learning Event / Webinar registration fees will be forfeited.

  • Official Participants who fail to join the e-Learning Event / Webinar in the time indicated will not be eligible for a refund.

  • If a participant cannot join the e-Learning Event / Webinar via ZOOM because they fail to meet the system requirements, ARIVA will not take responsibility or give a refund to the delegates.

Live Webinars Are Strictly "One Room ID, One Participant Only"

  • Giving out / sharing the webinar access by the official registrant/s to others is strictly prohibited. You will not be able to gain access to the webinar without registering for an additional participant.

  • Each webinar access purchased by a single registrant is valid for one computer, one person only. Additional participant MUST purchase his/ her own webinar access.

  • Post webinar proper, detected unauthorized access and multiple computers/users will incur additional charges.

Copyrighted Materials

The copyright in the material and information contained in the webcast, webinar, online session and virtual master class solely belongs to ARIVA Academy e-learning/webinar series and any access to the webinar does not imply free license to use them unless permitted by ARIVA Academy e-learning/webinar series. The material and information presented on the webinar are collected, maintained and provided purely for the convenience of the official registered participants. The material and information contained are not directed to or intended for distribution or use by any person.

The webcast, webinar, online session and virtual master class thus may not be retransmitted, reproduced, rebroadcast, or otherwise distributed or used in any form without the express written consent of the ARIVA Academy e-learning/webinar series.