Organizational Agility is on the rise!

HR takes the lead in aggressively driving and directing it. Being the Core of Business, HR takes center stage and is expected to deliver a whirlwind of changes.


Are we ready and Agile in the World of Work?

Agility used to connote Speed in this age of Technology;

but now it is spelled to become an ‘HR Element of Innovation.’

The Game is ON! Thrive, transform and fly as we challenge the status quo
such that it is more responsive and relevant to this time!


Founding Chairman, ASEAN Human Development Organization
Indonesian Society of Human Resource Management (ISHR)

Keynote Speaker: Pambudi Sunarsihanto

Keynote Address: Radical Change on the Way to Attract and Retain our Talents

Commercial Director, JustPayroll
United Kingdom

Resource Speaker: Matthew Edmunds

Agenda 1: The Future of Employment in the Philippines and the Telecommuting Act

Chief Human Resource Officer, SUTD Academy 
(Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Partner Speaker, ARIVA Speakers Bureau

Resource Speaker: Dr. Jaclyn Lee

Agenda 2: Metrics and Analytics Matters: Designing an Agile Organization with Big Data Analytics

Principal, NETS Academy
Vice President, Human Capital Management, NETS Pte Ltd
CEO, Paintertainment Asia

Resource Speaker: Tery Chua

Agenda 3: Developing HR as a Strategic Board Room Partner i HR Transformation 3.0

Digital & Culture Transformation Thought-Action Leader
Best-Selling Author & Global Keynote Speaker
President & CEO, Hungry Workhorse Consulting
Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management

Resource Speaker: Rey Lugtu

Agenda 4: Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age and Agile Workplace

Global Keynote Speaker and Life Coach
Motivational and International Speaker
Author “The Diamonds Within – The Power Lies Within You”
Partner Speaker, ARIVA Speakers Bureau

Resource Speaker: Liza Pavlakos

Agenda 5: Adversity Quotient and HR Culture: Resiliency in Turning Workplace Obstacles into Opportunities

President, Smarter Robotics
Co-Founder & President, EduTech Asia Group of Companies
Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker
Multi-Awarded Global Learning Leader
Partner Speaker, ARIVA Speakers Bureau

Resource Speaker: Roger Collantes

Agenda 6: What It Takes: Humanoid Delighting Customer Experience in the Age of AI

CEO & Co-Founder, People Collider

Resource Speaker: Philippa "Pip" Penfold

Agenda 7: Work in the Age of AI: Keeping the Human in HR in the Midst of Speed Technology

CEO and Co-Founder, GrabJobs
United State of America

Resource Speaker: Emmanuel Crouy

Agenda 8: Recruitment Platform 4.0: How to Streamline and Automate Your Recruitment Process

Author and High Performance Strategist 
Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker
CEO, Deep Impact Pte Ltd

Resource Speaker: Kenneth Kwan

Agenda 9: The Power from Within: Harnessing Human Competence for Excellent Business Results

Organization Learning & Development Director
Breakthrough Catalyst LLP

Resource Speaker: Jasmine Liew

Agenda 10: Mastering the Odds and Leveraging Disruptive Change to Drive Strategic Transformation

Best-Selling Author and Global Conference Speaker
Thought Leader and Leadership Trainer
Member, Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa
Namibia, Africa

Resource Speaker: Dr. Rowan van Dyk

Agenda 11: Man and Artificial Intelligence: HR Competencies Critical in the Battle of Technology

Managing Director, On-Off Group
Design Thinking Consultant
Consultant, World Bank Group
United Kingdom

Resource Speaker: Phil Smithson

Agenda 12: Transforming HR with Design Thinking in a Disruptive Environment

Founder, Liter of Light
TED Speaker
UN Prize Winner

Resource Speaker: Illac Diaz

Agenda 13: Lets GO Green: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Initiatives in an Environmentally Friendly Workplace

Season 1 Winner “The Apprentice Asia” 
Motivational Speaker and Asia’s Millennial Guru 
Partner Speaker, ARIVA Speakers Bureau
Malaysia - Philippines

Resource Speaker: Jonathan Yabut

Agenda 14: The Power of GAD: Harnessing Gender and Diversity in Operational HR

Organized by ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.
Copyright @ 2019 Philippine HR Congress

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