Our Way of Helping during COVID-19

While the pandemic is adversely affecting people's lives and global businesses, ARIVA's dedication to give something back to valued clients does not falter nor fall. We are transformed to more vigilant and zealous by our genuine commitment.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we shall offer FREE Live Webinar Series in full support of people who desire to continue learning despite the Community Lock-down. ARIVA! Academy is here to partner with you for experiential learning, regardless of the circumstances.

ARIVA Academy’s Live Webinar Series for-a-Cause is a fundraiser to help government and constituencies in its efforts to combat COVID-19 in the Philippines. ARIVA’s Live Webinar Series features online learning activities and sessions that pledge to support causes communities and organizations. This campaign has been established to help abate hunger amidst an unprecedented situation. This fundraising-learning activity is our way of giving back something to our society in dire need these trying times.

Stay HEALTHY while LEARNING and HELPING other People

This Covid-19 pandemic has enslaved us all and brought much uncertainty on how we will live life in the new normal of things. It has affected family, work, community, interaction with friends and colleagues, and especially so, damaged our inner well-being and personhood. We are in a ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) Lockdown, without productive work; most businesses are closed; and prevailing conditions are restricted. For the wealthy, this is not much of a concern as they can simply stock up food and supplies as they wait upon. Unfortunately for the majority of our population, this is not an option. Families classified under the poverty line, who live on a "hand-to-mouth" daily subsistence, without savings and are now unemployed has no provision to buy basic food.

Our hearts go all out to these poor people and their families so greatly affected by the novel virus. With pure intention and humility, ARIVA invites you to get involved. The proceeds that we will gather from the Live Webinar Series for-a-Cause campaign will be donated to our Filipino Health Workers and other Front-liners who are serving in the remote and far-flung areas of our country. A portion of the proceeds will go to the municipality of Majayjay, Laguna Province to help the communities rise as we will feed and support them.

LEARN & SHARE: The call of the moment is to give back and pay forward.
While you gain access to all our Live Webinar Series for-a-Cause, from April to May 2020,
YOU MAY DONATE an amount to help families in distress.

Together, let us show our support to our fellow Filipinos
who are in survival mode during this difficult time of the global health crisis.

ACT NOW, Let us Click and Donate!

There’s no small amount, even a simple share
is considered as a big help.

For cash donations, deposit may be made to the following bank accounts:


Account Number: 081 – 3 – 08148682 – 5
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Bank Code: 010269996
Bank Branch: Doña Soledad Avenue – Bicutan Branch
Address: 665 Doña Soledad Avenue, Better Living Subdivision, Bicutan, Parañaque City, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: (+632) 8824-0757

Account Number: 0 0 2 4 0 0 1 5 9 2 2 6
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Bank Code: 010530667
Bank Branch: Better Living Branch
Address: Doña Soledad Avenue, corner France, Better Living, Parañaque, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: (+632) 8776 1161

ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.
Joe Mar Matienzo - Chairman and Chief Strategist 


  • Donors may send their proof of donation to ARIVA ACADEMY Facebook page.

  • Donors are encourage to email a copy of the validated deposit slip to ArivaAcademy@Ariva.com.ph and ArivaAcademy@gmail.com with the subject line SHARE & LEARN - ARIVA ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION.

  • Please indicate complete details of the online deposit, including the date of transaction and the reference number with your company name, contact person, telephone/mobile numbers

  • Please contact us at (+632) 8877-6502 / (+63) 917-325-7870 or email us at arivaacademy@ariva.com.ph and arivaacademy@gmail.com for any inquiries.